Boat Storage in Rome

Thanks to our fully enclosed storage, we give you the opportunity to protect your boat from the elements. You can rest assured that your boat will be completely safe with us. Our company will not only provide you with an area of more than 1,000 square feet at your disposal, but will also offer comprehensive service for dinghies and boats.

Assistance of Highly-Qualified Staff

Our staff is trained to carry out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations and will be able to take care of your boat during the winter as well. We conduct a host of operations with different types of cleaning, including washing the hull with water, washing the engine in fresh water for descaling, motor lubrication, internal and external washing carried out with specific products, antifouling treatments, cleaning the bilge, pickling tubes and applying protective materials.

Care for Your Boat

We are dedicated to the transformation and realisation of the interiors of your boat, while also undertaking a complete refurbishment and repair of tubes. In addition, we carry out fibre glass and varnishing work, upholstery work, steel work and maintenance of electrical systems. At your request, antifouling material is also applied.

Our services will keep your boat in shape when not in use. Call us at +39 0765 455847.

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